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Local Harvest, LLC was started by Steve and Ana Phillips in 2011. Local Harvest is dedicated to local sustainability for Maui County. Steve Phillips is a co-founder of Upcountry Sustainability, and founder of West Maui Sustainability and the local representative of PROUT, an organization working for local cooperative-based economies worldwide. He oversees Local Harvest operations, which includes local produce distribution to stores and restaurants, Island Fresh Delivery (delivering produce boxes to homes), the Sattvic Kitchen brand of products (mac nut spreads, salad dressings, juices, nut butters and honey), and Napili Farmers Market. Ana Phillips teaches yoga, meditation and pilates at five resorts in West Maui, offers Spanish English interpretation for the Department of Education and the County Court system, and gives regular input on major decisions for Local Harvest.


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My wife and I started Local Harvest in 2011, with the purpose of building the local food supply on Maui. With 85% of our food coming from out of state, Maui is in a vulnerable position, dependent on other states and countries to supply our food needs. This affects our food security, food prices, freshness, selection, quality and more. Maui has the climate, the land and the resources to become self-reliant in our food supply. Local Harvest works with 50 to 60 Maui growers regularly to supply more than 60 wholesale accounts (restaurants, stores, and producers) as well as two farmers markets, with fresh local produce, herbs, honey, macadamia nuts and our line of packaged products. We have a good idea about the needs of the market and what it will take to meet those needs. Most of our produce is grown on Maui and some comes from other Hawaiian islands. We encourage growers to plant particular items based on the market demands, and we help to sell the produce that farmers have in abundance to our supportive customer base. In this way we are making progress in moving Maui toward self-reliance in our food supply. We encourage you to buy local whenever possible. Our family’s diet is 90% local. It’s not that hard to do, if you shop at farmers markets and support restaurants and stores who support local farms. Together we can make it happen. Thanks.