A few of Our Farms

We help the farmers of Maui, continue to bring amazing local food to the island.


Kumu Farms

Kumu Farms is an excellent source for clean, quality produce in the state of Hawaii. Providing good food to the people of Hawaii, they are working with the community to ensure a sustainable future, as well as developing strong, working relationships with local chefs.

Kumu Farms cultivate over 60 acres of farmland at the Plantation. They grow over 35 crops, but it is their non-GMO SunRise Papaya that has put them on the map. Some of their crops include parsley, cilantro, sage, winter savory, mint, basil, beets, eggplant, fennel, carrots, arugula, chard, pineapple, mango, william banana, apple banana, green beans, corn, macadamia nut, avocado, guava, salad greens, and more.


Evonuk Farms

Evonuk Farms specializes in both organic and conventionally grown herbs and produce. We practice sustainable farming methods to grow high quality produce and to ensure quality returns for generations to come. You will find many green practices in play here at Maui Herb Gardens.

The use of green manures allows us to fertilize the soil with dead or dying plants. We essentially place them back into the soil, and as they decay they replace valuable nutrients and organic matter.

We have 65 solar panels which power our walk-in refrigerators, packing facility and office to minimize our carbon footprint.


Ho Farms

At Ho Farms, we realize that we are part of the community, and only by supporting each other can we make Hawai’i a better place for us all.  Because we are farmers, we leverage what we do best in our community efforts:

The HawaiiFoodbank is a fantastic organization that provides thousands of pounds of food every month to families that might otherwise go hungry.  Ho Farms is committed to helping the Hawaii Foodbank’s mission and has been contributing regularly since 2006 (Papa Ho knows what it’s like to not have enough to eat).  The donations help the Hawaii Foodbank reach over 416 food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters throughout the state.  Join us in helping the Hawaii Food Bank fight hunger!

Hawai’i produces only 15 percent of its own food, putting us at risk from any disruption to imports, like storms or dockworker strikes.  Imported vegetation can also include foreign pests that may get introduced into our ecosystem.  By producing more of our own food, we address these issues, preserve open green spaces, create jobs, keep money in Hawai’i, and promote the health and nutrition of local families.

In addition to being a local food producer, Ho Farms actively addresses the above issue through our contributions to and participation in events that promote Hawaii’s local agriculture, and by being vocal advocates for the coexistence of our industry and the rapidly changing urban lifestyle.